Almost 75% of buyers want test drives

Almost three-quarters of car buyers won’t buy a car without taking a test drive first, an exclusive What Car? poll has revealed.

The survey of more than 1000 active car buyers found that 74% of buyers said they would insist on testing a car before they bought it – a statistic backed up by the revelation that 73% had never bought a car without taking a test drive first.

Most respondents said that the last test drive they had taken was arranged for them the same day they requested it, which was also the day they last bought a car, underlining the importance of a test drive in finalising a purchase.

A further 24% took a test drive within three days of requesting one, while 8% waited between three and five days.

61% said the last test drive they took was between 10 and 30 minutes long, while a further 21% drove for more than half an hour. 12% of car buyers took a test drive that lasted less than 10 minutes when they last bought a car.

Asked what single action would have improved their test drive experiences, 34% said they would like to have taken an unaccompanied test drive, while 20% said they wanted the sales executive who accompanied them to be less pushy.

23% said they wanted to be able to choose the test route rather than taking one prescribed by the dealer, with an equal proportion saying they wanted to spend longer in the car to work out if it was for them.

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