Audi Q7 Competitor Insight

Cross-shopping on

Our Luxury SUV of the Year faces a two-pronged attack from the outset among potential buyers, with both the Volvo XC90 and BMW X5 taking 17% of buyer’s interests between them – that two cars take such a large chunk of the pie shows that, in this market, buyers are considering only a few cars as true rivals when shopping.

As ever, potential customers shop both up and down ranges, too, with both the more expensive Q8 and the cheaper Q5 both getting a look in. Land Rover finds itself with three cars competing, here, though the fact that none manages to attract more than 10% of interest suggests that even luxury SUV titans like the Range Rover Sport aren’t considered to be in the same league as Audi’s perennial award winner. Likewise, with neither big desirability nor a big-name badge on its bonnet, the Lexus RX barely gets a seat at the table.