BMW 5 Series Competitor Insight

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As you might expect, the closest challenge to BMW’s award-winning luxury saloon comes from its Mercedes-Benz and Audi brethren, but it’s the rate at which interest in Mercedes’ E-Class increases over time that’s most interesting.

In fact, interest almost doubles from 15% to 27% between the beginning of potential buyers’ research and the point at which they put their money down, whereas the Audi A6 grows by just 2%, from 16% to 18%.

While the Skoda Superb offers some of the traits that buyers in this class are looking for – excellent long-distance comfort, for example, and masses of space – it suffers the biggest fall, with interest slipping from 8% to 3% over time. Clearly, having a premium badge on the bonnet of a new car is as important as the qualities of the car itself – especially in a high-end market like this.

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