Brands rated in Dealer Attitude Survey

What do dealers think of the brands they represent? The NFDA’s latest survey finds out

Lexus, Kia and Toyota have been rated most highly by the retailers who represent them, in the latest Dealer Attitude Survey,

The poll, conducted by the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA), was filled in by more than 2500 UK dealerships, representing 31 brands and more than 60% of the UK’s total of franchised dealers.

When the retailers were asked to rank the manufacturers overall, Lexus came out on top with a score of 9.5 points, with Kia earning 9.4 and Toyota 9.0.

The worst performing brands were Fiat (3.6), Jeep (3.3) and Hyundai (2.5).

Retailers were also asked 56 questions about their relationship with the manufacturer they represented and marked them out of ten on each criteria. Lexus and Kia tied for top spot, scoring an average of 8.9, followed by Toyota (8.4), Mercedes (7.5), Mini (7.4) and Honda (7.2).

Fiat (3.8), Hyundai (3.7) and Jeep (3.6) were given the lowest ratings.

The retailers also ranked how manufacturers had helped them during the Coid-19 crisis. Here, Lexus again topped the table, scoring 9.6, followed by Toyota (9.5) and Kia (8.9).

Vauxhall (4.0), Fiat (3.9) and Hyundai (2.7) were rated lowest.

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