Buyer priorities: hot hatchbacks and performance cars

What are buyers looking for?

It’s not surprising that 90% of hot hatchback and performance car buyers cite performance as their number one priority, and nearly 70% of them put handling down as their second most important criteria. However, differences start to appear as you look further down the lists of what each set of buyers value about their car.

For example, 40% of performance car owners cited interior quality as their second most important criteria, while only 25% of hot hatch buyers rated it as important.

And 30% of performance car buyers considered reliability a major concern, compared with only 20% of those driving hot hatches. The fact that this is a fairly important factor to owners of both types of car is partly due to the fact that their ratings were given as part of our annual Reliability Survey.

However, both sets of drivers valued equipment and ownership costs fairly equally: they were a priority to 20% of hot hatch owners and 15% of performance car owners.

Yet, they were split on the importance of a good quality infotainment system with 15% of hot hatch drivers citing it as important compared with only eight percent of those behind the wheel of a performance car. Interior space was another area where opinions were split: it was a factor to 10% of performance car drivers compared with only five percent of hot hatch owners.

When it comes to the least important factors the two groups are more aligned, though. Seating flexibility and visibility were only of concern to two percent of drivers, and boot space was only cited by five percent of them.

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