Buyer priorities: MPVs and estate cars

Skoda Superb Estate

What are buyers looking for?

As you’d expect, MPV buyers’ biggest concern is interior space, with 45% citing it as their priority, and boot space is the number one need of estate buyers, 40% of who said it was key to buying their most recent car. 

Reliability is important to buyers of both types of car; it was the number one priority for 42% of MPV buyers and 40% of estate owners. The fact that reliability shows up as important is partly due to the fact that questions about buying priorities were asked as part of our annual Reliability Survey

However, when you start delving deeper into the needs of estate and MPV buyers big disparities become clear. The third most important factor, cited by 30% of estate buyers is performance, closely followed by equipment (28% of responses) and interior quality (24% of responses). In contrast, driving position is important to 35% of MPV buyers, and they also consider ride comfort and costs as serious considerations (all a priority for more than 20% of buyers. 

Although costs are important to estate owners too, accounting for 26% of responses, ride comfort is less important and only mentioned by 17% of respondents. 

Safety is only a priority for 16% of MPV and estate buyers, and neither type of car buyer cares greatly about having a good infotainment system – it’s only important to 8% of estate buyers and 4% of MPV drivers. MPVs and estates aren’t bought for their handling, so it’s no surprise this is only important to 7% of estate owners and 3% of those with an MPV. 

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