Buyer priorities: overall data

What are buyers looking for?

Over the past few months, we’ve looked at how priorities differ for buyers in different markets. This time, though, we’ve pooled the data to look at buying trends overall.

Although reliability is the top priority for most car buyers overall, with it being cited as the number one concern by 45% of people, it’s surprising to see that performance is in second place across the board.

The fact that reliability shows up as being so important is partly due to the fact that questions about buying priorities were asked as part of our annual Reliability Survey. However, the fact that 35% of respondents put performance as the most important aspect of their car shows the disparity between buyers.

A similar split is evident when you consider the two next buying priorities: 30% of people told us costs were their biggest concern, and 28% rated a high standard of equipment as the most important factor.

Comfort and quality are also important to buyers, with 25% putting driving position as their priority, 23% valuing interior quality the most and 20% stating that handling and ride comfort were the most important aspects of their car.

All of the factors above were rated more highly than safety, which was only a priority for 18% of respondents. That said, safety is considered marginally more important than the roominess of the car’s interior and its boot.

And the quality of a car’s infotainment and connectivity systems was low on the priority list for buyers too, with it rated as vital by just 8% of people. And the two least important factors of all are seating flexibility and visibility; only 5% of respondents told us one of these would be a deciding factor in choosing their car.

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