Buyers’ priorities – April 2020

Buyers’ priorities: What are buyers looking for?

What Car?’s research shows that family car buyers are mostly a sensible bunch, valuing reliability more than anything else; almost half say it’s their main priority.

However, their second most sought after requirement is performance, with close to 40% classing this as important. They care more about having a car with enough power than they do about equipment and running costs (both of these were a priority for around 30% of respondents).

In contrast, luxury SUV buyers care most about interior quality, with 30% citing it as their biggest priority. They do care about reliability, but it’s in third place behind driving position, and not far ahead of performance.

The fact that reliability comes out as a priority for so many will be partly a reflection of the source of this data. It was gathered as part of the annual What Car? Reliability Survey, in which more than 18,000 car owners told us their three most important criteria when buying their current car.