Buyers’ priorities – August 2020

Buyers’ priorities: What are buyers looking for?

You might think the priorities for coupé and convertible buyers would be broadly the same, but these two groups rate different aspects of their cars as the most important. Almost 75% of coupé customers put performance at the top of their wish list, while the biggest concern for convertible buyers was interior quality, with 40% of them rating it as the most important facet of their latest car.

Performance was rated as the second most important consideration by convertible buyers, though, with it cited for by more than 35% of them. And handling was rated as important by both sets of customers; it was rated a priority by almost half of coupé owners and just over 30% with convertibles.

Reliability came out as the fourth most important aspect to coupé and convertible buyers. However, the reason it is rated as important partly reflects the fact that car owners told What Car? about their buying priorities as part of our annual Reliability Survey. Both sets of drivers also rated costs as an important factor; it was a priority for around 20% of coupé and convertible buyers.

Opinions divide again as you look down the priority list, though. Safety was a key aspect to 22% of convertible buyers compared with just 10% of those opting for a coupé, and smoothness/quietness was a priority for 20% of convertible buyers, whereas it was only rated as important by 8% of coupé buyers.

Neither of the groups are too worried about boot or interior space, seating flexibility or visibility, with less than 5% of each group rating these things as important.

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