Buyers’ priorities – July 2020

Buyers’ priorities: What are buyers looking for?

As you’d expect, performance is the number one priority for most sports car and sports SUV buyers; it was cited as the most important consideration by more than 75% of those responding to the annual What Car? Reliability Survey. And handling was the next ‘must have’ – a priority for more than 60% of sports car buyers and more than 50% of sports SUV buyers.

However, differences start to appear after this point, with sports SUV buyers rating interior quality as their next most important facet (more than 30% said it was their main concern), while sports car buyers put reliability as their third priority. The fact that reliability is rated highly in this survey is in part a reflection of the fact that the data comes from our annual Reliability Survey. However, it was less important to sports SUV buyers than those purchasing a sports car.

Opinions split further as you look down the priority list. Sports SUV drivers care more about the smoothness and quietness of their cars and ride comfort (20% cited these as a priority) than sports car buyers and they’re less concerned about costs, with only 12% putting this as their main concern. In contrast, driving position, interior quality and costs were the number one considerations for more than 20% of sports car buyers.

The two groups do agree on some things, though. Neither are too worried about seating flexibility, visibility or safety – less than 10% of each group rated these three as important.

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