Buyers’ priorities – May 2020

Buyers’ priorities: What are buyers looking for?

Performance is the number one priority for buyers of executive cars, with more than half of them citing it as their biggest consideration when choosing a new car.

However, they are also a sensible bunch; more than 30% of them said reliability is the most important factor. Interior quality was high on the list of requirements (30% said it was their main concern), too, followed by handling and equipment.

Surprisingly, running costs were rated more highly than the smoothness or quietness of the car.

Reliability and running costs are the most important factors for buyers of small cars, with 55% of owners citing reliability as their top priority, followed by 45% for running costs. A good level of equipment was a priority for 30% of buyers, while performance was the number one concern for 25%.

Interior quality was less important (cited as a priority by less than a fifth of owners), and even fewer were concerned about the smoothness and quietness of the car and the quality of its infotainment system.

The fact that reliability comes out as a priority for so many of those asked is partly a reflection of the source of this data, which was gathered as part of our annual Reliability Survey.