Buyers’ priorities – September 2020

Buyers’ priorities: What are buyers looking for?

The priorities of people buying hybrids and luxury cars are very different. Unsurprisingly, two thirds of hybrid buyers rate reliability as their main concern. The reason it is rated so highly by hybrid drivers is partly due to the fact that car owners told What Car? about their buying priorities as part of our annual Reliability Survey.

However, only a quarter of the luxury car buyers who completed the survey told us dependability was their biggest concern. Ride comfort and interior quality were the most important factors for this group of buyers, with close to half stating one of these was their priority.

Their next most important buying considerations were the quietness / smoothness of the car (cited by 40% of respondents), followed by performance (38% of respondents).

As you’d expect costs are pretty low down on their list of priorities, with only 15% stating it was their most important factor. However, it’s surprising that less than 10% of luxury car buyers rated the car’s infotainment system or its interior space and luggage capacity as important. And less than 5% were concerned about seating flexibility and visibility.

In contrast, after reliability the second most important consideration for hybrid buyers was costs (cited by 45% of respondents), followed by smoothness / quietness (32%). Equipment was rated as a priority by 27% of buyers, and 20% said safety was the most important factor. The least important factors, cited by 10% or less of buyers were handling, infotainment, seating flexibility and visibility.

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