Frequently asked questions

Now, we know you might have some more questions before we get in touch, so we’ve tried to answer a few of these below.

What is What Car? Target Price?

This is a fair and realistic price that a consumer can expect to pay for their next new car. Target Price is independently researched by our team of mystery shoppers and has been published in What Car? magazine and online for the last 14 years.

What’s the benefit of What Car? Target Price for my dealership?

Target Price is not the cheapest price our researchers could buy a car for. It represents the typical discount achieved by engaging with a sales representative at a Franchise Dealership. Target Price allows the Consumer to be confident in the price being offered versus manufacturer on the road price and still protects dealer margin.

How long does it take to start receiving leads?

With more than two million in market car buyers visiting our site every month, you could start receiving leads the moment your account is activated.

How informed will car buyers be about the car and required trim?

What Car?'s industry-leading editorial and video content directs buyers through choices such as fuel type, engine and trim so they can make informed decisions about the car they wish to purchase. We write independent reviews for every trim and engine option available from your manufacturer.

How is a customer's personal data secured?

Users of What Car? New Car Buying need to provide only their first name, email address and post code, although they have the option of adding part-exchange vehicle information. All personal data is encrypted and secured in our platform so a buyer's identity will only be surfaced by the buyer when they are ready.

Do I receive the customer’s contact information when I get the lead?

You will only be able to contact the buyer through our secure messaging platform. This ensures we can remain GDPR compliant while offering the best buying experience for consumers who can feel safe in the knowledge that their personal information and identity is secure.

How do I quote a customer?

Quotes can be set to send automatically at model, trim and  edition level and distance can be restricted where you cannot fulfil enquiries nationally.  Alternatively quotes can be responded to manually and here you have the choice as to whether you quote or not keeping you in complete control.

At which point can I contact the potential buyer directly?

When the buyer engages with you, they will need to ultimately identify themselves proactively to you, whether that's to book a test drive, request a finance illustration or visit your dealership.

How does this comply with GDPR regulations?

Our platform has been built with GDPR in mind, ensuring that customers can only be contacted directly by third parties when they are ready to engage with a dealership.

What part exchange information do I get with each lead?

Vehicle make, model trim, body type, date of registration, engine, mileage, condition and CAP HPI part-exchange valuation, although this step is optional for car buyers. Buyers are not shown the CAP HPI valuation.

How can I use the site to structure a deal?

Using the dealer interface, you will be able to customise your pricing based on the car they are enquiring about and the part exchange details (if included).

Can I offer finance/PCP?

The system works on cash price but there is a free text field where you can send bespoke messages to deal with users' requests.

How do I upload my offers?

Discounts can be uploaded ahead of receiving leads.  You can set pricing rules at model, trim and edition level and the system is flexible to allow either discounts off Target Price, the ability to match Target Pricemanually respond for any special offers you may have or stop enquires altogether for any derivatives you cannot fulfil.

Is there training and support?

Yes. Our team of dedicated account managers will be able to guide you through our easy to use dealer platform. Your subscription will also include access to our dedicated support team should you have any subsequent questions or feedback.