Fiat 500 Competitor Insight

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It’s surprising that the car which puts up the biggest fight to the Fiat 500, the Tesla Model 3, should cost almost double the price of the former, but that’s just the tip of this very eclectic list. Indeed, our contenders here are more eclectic than we’ve seen for some time, and show how electric car buyers are more willing to stray outside the boundaries of traditional vehicle classes than most.

Indeed, our list not only includes models which are substantially larger and more expensive than the 500, but also cars which are non-electrified. Meanwhile, Ford and Volkswagen are the only two manufacturers to have two of their cars represented within our top 10.

It’s notable that no other Fiats appear here, especially since the 500X small SUV, Panda small car and Tipo family hatchback would themselves be considered rivals to some of the cars which feature here.

1. Tesla Model 3 – 4.72%
2. Dacia Sandero – 4.33%
3. Skoda Octavia – 3.22%
4. BMW iX3 – 3.03%
5. Volkswagen Golf – 2.98%
6. Ford Mustang Mach E – 2.74%
7. Volkswagen Arteon – 2.52%
8. Ford Puma – 2.42%
9. Citroen C4 – 2.27%
10. Hyundai Tucson – 2.27%

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