Just one-in-three used buyers is considering an electric car

Just one-in-three used buyers would consider an electric car as their next vehicle, according to the latest research from What Car?, and this poses challenges and opportunities for dealers. The research follows news of the Government looking to bring forward the sales ban of new petrol, diesel, and hybrid cars and vans to 2030.

As part of its weekly industry study, What Car? can reveal just that 32.6% of used buyers said they would consider buying an electric vehicle.

Areas in which potential buyers have concerns about used EVs include their higher purchase costs, their limited range and battery longevity and the charging infrastructure that supports them. When asked about their specific concern, 31.3% of used buyers said that used electric vehicles cost too much, while 21.4% felt the charging infrastructure isn’t good enough.

Nearly one-in-five had concerns about the batteries depleting faster in a used electric vehicle than they might in a new model, while 13.17% said they will wait until there is more choice of vehicles in the used electric market.

However, What Car? identified opportunities for dealers looking to improve used electric vehicle sales. Nearly one-in-10 buyers said a full health check of car and battery would make them more comfortable, while 10.5% said a money back guarantee would help them consider making the second-hand switch to electric.

Lessons learned from the new car market suggest that, as greater vehicle choice trickles down to the used market and the charging infrastructure improves, demand for used EVs should gradually rise over the coming years.

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