Kia Sorento Competitor Insight

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Our reigning Large SUV of the Year, the Kia Sorento, is spacious, well equipped and has enough space for seven. That last point is clearly a hot topic for potential buyers, because the top three cars most commonly looked at alongside the Sorento also offer space for seven – although none has as much available as the Kia. Audi, Volvo and Land Rover are the only premium marques to feature here, while Skoda wins the award for having the most models represented. Of the 15 cars most commonly considered alongside the Sorento, three are Skodas, with the Karoq and Kodiaq both making it into the top 10, and the Octavia sitting in 12th position.

It’s rare to see no other Kia models considered alongside the Sorento, and both the Sportage and Niro are notable here by their absence, especially since the similarly sized Tucson from sister brand Hyundai makes it into fourth place.

It’s the similarly five-starred Peugeot 5008 which puts in the strongest competition to the Sorento, though – perhaps unsurprisingly, given the 5008 was our former champion in this category. At the time of writing, the 5008 had larger Target Price discounts than the Sorento available, at £6579 and £4021 respectively.

1) Peugeot 5008 – 5.2%
2) Skoda Kodiaq – 3.4%
3) Land Rover Discovery Sport – 3.2%
4) Hyundai Tucson – 3.1%
5) Toyota RAV4 – 3.0%
6) Audi Q5 – 2.5%
7) Hyundai Santa Fe – 2.4%
8) Skoda Karoq (8%)
9) Honda CR-V – 2.1%
10) Ford Kuga – 2.0%