More than three-quarters of car buyers disagree with changes to the Plug-in Car Grant

More than three-quarters of the country’s in-market car buyers disagree with the Government’s changes to the Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG), according to the latest research by What Car?.

Last week, the UK Government cut the Plug-in Car Grant from £3000 to £2500, with only fully electric vehicles costing less than £35,000 eligible. According to its latest industry study of 2456 in-market buyers, 79% disagree with the decision to cut the Plug-in Car Grant.

In the study, 50% of all potential electric car buyers said they were now less likely to buy an EV following changes to the grant. When asked how important the grant is in influencing their purchase decision, two-thirds of prospective electric car buyers defined it as ‘very important’.

More than half of all respondents (56%) would have preferred the Government to raise fuel duty instead of reducing the Plug-in Car Grant, with 62% believing changes to the Grant show the Government is not committed to a green future.