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Even though the 2020 Reliability Survey results have only been revealed recently, they’ve already gained more than 170,000 page views, showing how important it is right now for people to buy the most dependable car.

The strong performance (155k page views) of the 10 fastest depreciating cars shows our readers want entertaining content to read. However, they’re also very interested in getting straightforward car buying information – five of the remaining top 10 performing stories are round-ups of our most highly rated cars in various classes. Evidence that people are keen to bag a bargain comes from the 20k-plus views gained by the scrappage deals story and the write-off story, which gained close to 18k page views.

1.  What Car Reliability Survey 2020 results
 10 fastest depreciating cars 2020
3.  Best hybrid cars 2020
4.  Coming soon: cars worth waiting for
5.  Best electric cars 2020
6.  Best small SUVs 2020
7.  Best small cars 2020
8.  Best family SUVs 2020
9.  Scrappage scheme: latest deals
10.  What is a Cat A etc write off?

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