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The main Reliability Survey story remains the most popular feature overall, attracting more than 130,000 page views within the last month.

We’ve updated our more general reliability stories to capitalise on their popularity, and this seems to be paying off, with two used car reliability stories in the top 10.

The current high demand for used cars could also be a factor behind the popularity of these reliability stories. And it may be one reason why a new story, the best cars for passing the MOT test, has done well.

With dealerships open and more consumers getting ready to replace their cars, our round-ups of the best hybrid and electric cars have been popular, alongside the refreshed What is a hybrid? article.

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Best hybrid cars 2021
3.  Best electric cars 2021
4.  Used cars that pass the MOT test: best and worst
5.  Best small SUVs 2021
6.  25 most unreliable cars
7.  Best small cars 2021
8.  Most reliable used cars
9.  What is a hybrid?
10.  Car tax changes 2021

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