Most popular features and advice stories August 2021

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With a growing number of car buyers opting for used models to avoid lengthy waits for new cars, interest in reliability stories that focus on older cars has increased. A newly created slideshow version of the 25 most unreliable older cars that was syndicated to other websites has clocked up almost 250,000 page views, and the main reliability story is up by 5% on last month.

Elsewhere this month, electric cars and SUVs are competing for the most page views. The Best electric cars gained nearly 50,000 page views, followed by our round-ups of small and family SUVS. However, we’re created some new Best of stories to capitalise on the changing new car market and the first of these, Best Electric SUVs, has shot into the top 10. We also created a Best hybrid SUVs, and that’s currently our 11th most read feature.

Best EV home charging solutions continues to gain consistent traffic each month, so we’re planning to add value to this with more content on this subject soon. It’s an area that car buyers don’t have enough knowledge about, so we’re keen to help them here.

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