Most popular features and advice stories July 2021

Top 10 most popular features and advice stories on

Interest in the best car class round-ups is up compared with the previous month, demonstrating the value of this content for the many car buyers who are currently researching their next purchase.

We created a new Best electric SUVs round-up to capitalise on the popularity of electric cars and SUVs, which frequently feature in the top 10 articles, and this gained a good number of page views, again showing the interest for many buyers in going green with their next purchase.

Even though the Reliability Survey closed in early July, traffic to the main 2020 results story remained strong, at 86,000 pageviews. That’s around 10% lower than the previous period, but still impressive for a story that was first published in October 2020.

We didn’t run a spin-off Reliability Survey story every week – they stop while the survey is closed – but those we did run proved popular. They were the more general round-ups, rather than those on a specific car class, including a new one on the most and least reliable brands.

1.  What Car Reliability Survey 2020 results
Best electric cars 2021
3.  Best family SUVs 2021
4.  Best small SUVs 2021
5.  Best electric SUVs 2021
6.  Best small cars 2021
7.  Most reliable used cars
8.  25 most unreliable cars
9.  Best hybrid cars 2021
10. Most and least reliable car brands

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