Most popular features and advice stories June 2021

Top 10 most popular features and advice stories on

Page views to the best car class stories are up this month, in line with the increased interest in car buying since showrooms reopened.

In contrast, traffic to the main Reliability Survey story is down by around 30,000, although it did still top 100,000 page views.

Other recently updated general reliability stories have done well, especially the round-up of the least reliable cars, demonstrating the fact that readers often prefer stories about the worst cars. This is probably why the 10 fastest depreciating cars gained twice as many page views as the slowest depreciating models story.

The recently refreshed What is a hybrid? article continues to do well, as does the EV charging guide, which has been popular since it was first published three months ago. This bodes well for the additional EV content we have planned.

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Best hybrid cars 2021
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6.  Best small cars 2021
7.  25 most unreliable cars
8.  10 fastest depreciating cars
9.  Most reliable used cars
10.  What is a hybrid?

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