Most popular features and advice stories October 2021

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Continuing strong demand for used cars, fuelled by the computer chip shortage, was evident last month, with a spin-off reliability round-up focussing on used cars outperforming the main Reliability Survey feature. The fact that both top-performing reliability stories provide information on the best models to buy, rather than concentrating on the worst, shows how much our readers value this insight and want to use it to inform their car buying choices.

Electric and hybrid model round-ups were popular, too, which ties in with the increased interest in them among buyers who’re considering switching away from purely combustion-engined cars sooner due to recent fuel shortage issues. A slideshow that showcases our highest-scoring electric models proved popular, bolstering our content in this important market segment.

Our investigation into the chip shortage and which makes and models are most affected also continued to clock up page views, moving from ninth place to sixth last month. It’s likely to be an issue for many brands into 2022, so we’ll keep our story updated so it remains relevant to buyers.

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