Most popular features and advice stories September 2021

Top 10 most popular features and advice stories on

The main feature on the new Reliability Survey has shot into the lead this month, demonstrating just how important the information it contains is to the current high number of used car buyers. It will be followed by reliability round-ups by car class that will aim to capitalise on the most popular types of cars, so we expect to see those featuring here before long.

Although traffic to general advice content has dipped slightly compared with last month, our best-of stories on all types of SUVs have remained strong. They account for four of the top 10 stories, and include two fairly new articles on electric and hybrid SUVs.

With lengthy new car delays continuing to affect many brands, we decided to investigate just how long buyers may have to wait for certain makes and models. The resulting story, which has only been live for a couple of weeks, has already clocked up a similar number of page views as a perennial favourite – the 25 most unreliable cars. It has also knocked the Best hybrid SUVs into 10th place.

1.  What Car Reliability Survey 2021
Best electric cars 2021
3.  Best electric SUVs 2021
4.  Best family SUVs 2021
5.  Best small SUVs 2021
6.  Best hybrid cars 2021
7.  Best small cars 2021
8.  25 most unreliable cars
9.  Chip shortage update
10.  Best hybrid SUVs 2021

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