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The 2020 Reliability Survey continues to prove popular, gaining nearly 95,000 page views and demonstrating that now more than ever, consumers need to select a dependable car.

What Car? has proved a good source of information for people wanting to find out how the second lockdown affects their car, with the lockdown MOT advice story the third most popular article and lockdown servicing the ninth.

Evidence that hybrids and electric cars are more popular than ever comes from the strong performances of our best hybrids and best electric cars articles. And it seems buyers are starting to look towards the models that will be on sale in 2021, with both the overall coming soon round-up and the electric cars coming soon article getting strong levels of traffic.

1.  What Car Reliability Survey 2020 results
Best hybrid cars 2020
3.  Second MOT extension unlikely, despite second lockdown
4.  Best electric cars 2020
5.  Best family SUVs 2020
6.  Best small cars 2020
7.  Best small SUVs 2020
8.  Coming soon: cars worth waiting for
9.  Can I get my car serviced during second lockdown
10.  Electric cars coming soon

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