Most popular features – April 2020

Top 10 most popular features and advice stories on

The main results of our annual Reliability Survey, and a spin-off story highlighting the most unreliable SUVs, were the most popular stories this month, gaining around twice as many page views as the highest-performing ‘best and worst’ stories. While many of the cars in our round-up of the most unreliable SUVs hadn’t changed since the last time we published that story, readers were still keen to know from our latest data if a potential purchase was among the worst offenders.

Similarly, no one wants to lose a lot of money when they buy a new car, and that means our list of the 10 fastest-depreciating cars consistently performs well each time it’s updated with new data.

One newcomer to this month’s top 10 features and advice stories was our story on the true cost of going electric, showing that as well as reading about the best electric cars, potential buyers want the hard facts on what switching to a greener car will really involve.

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