Most popular features – May 2020

Top 10 most popular features and advice stories on

What Car’s new coronavirus advice hub, created in less than 24 hours, has been the main source of feature traffic over the past month, taking six spots in our top 10. From what to do if your MOT runs out, to whether it’s safe to drive your car at all, readers have clearly found it an invaluable source of no-nonsense advice.

However, our round-up of cars coming soon, in third place, demonstrated that people are still keen to look ahead and think about buying a car when they are able to. And the popularity of our best electric cars story shows the ongoing interest in alternatively fuelled vehicles.

The main What Car? Reliability Survey feature remained popular, and a spin-off using data for older large SUVs also performed well.

1.  Coronavirus: what if my car needs an MOT?
  Coronavirus: is it safe to drive my car?
3.  Coming soon: cars worth waiting for
4.  Best electric cars 2020
5.  What Car Reliability Survey 2019 results
6.  Best older large SUVs for reliability
7.  Coronavirus: what if I can’t afford my car finance payments?
8.  Coronavirus: are car dealers still open?
9.  Coronavirus: how do I fill up my car?
10.  Coronavirus: can I still take driving lessons?

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