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With lockdown beginning to ease across the UK, people do seem to be spending more time researching their next car; six of the top 10 stories are car class round-ups, and small cars and SUVs join electric and hybrids, which are usually among the strongest performers. Buying a dependable model also appears to be more important than ever, with the main Reliability Survey feature clocking up just under 150,000 page views this month – that’s 5% up on last month, and 73% up on the same period in 2019.

Updating the 25 most unreliable cars has helped it go from 10th place last month to the second spot, gaining more than 77,000 page views in the process.

Our coronavirus advice story on whether you can still buy a car at present is proving popular for the third consecutive month, but the new guide to EV home charging solutions has knocked it into ninth place.

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9.  Can I still buy a car during the third lockdown?
10.  Best family cars 2021

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