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With more time on their hands over the festive period, car buyers showed how important reliability is to them, pushing the results of the annual What Car? Reliability Survey to the top of this chart by some margin.

In fact, reliability attracted more than twice as many readers as our features on the best electric cars and best hybrids, which were relegated to second and third places respectively.

Two new stories broke into the top 10 this month. The first charted the cheapest cars to buy on a PCP finance deal, while the other was a timely story about why bigger discounts on electric vehicles are likely to be offered this year. The latest scrappage deals continued to prove popular, although most of the schemes have now come to an end.

1. What Car Reliability Survey 2019
2.  Best electric cars 2020
3.  Best hybrid cars 2020
4. Cheapest cars to buy on PCP
5.  Best family SUVs 2020
6.  Best small cars 2020
7.  Best small SUVs 2020
8.  Why bigger EV discounts are likely in 2020
9.  Latest scrappage deals
10.  What is a hybrid car?

Popular Advice stories -model 3 and scrappage

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