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Top 10 most popular new car lease searches by brand on

The same tempting offers which saw Audi take the top spot on this list last month help it to stay there this time, while elsewhere Mini rises two places, thanks to deals on the big-selling Mini Hatchback starting from just £194 per month. Kia makes it into the top 10 this time, too, thanks to a special offer netting buyers the excellent Picanto city car for just £136 per month.

1. Audi
2. Land Rover
3. BMW
4. Mercedes-Benz
5. Volkswagen
6. Mini
7. Ford
8. Volvo
9. Skoda
10. Kia

Top 10 most popular new car lease searches by model on

The Audi Q5 soars into our top 10 this month, and little wonder with leasing prices on this five-star large SUV starting from just £366 per month. The Audi A4 was picked up by a deals newsletter, which helped its popularity among readers, while the Mercedes A-Class features in our top 10 for the first time this year, largely thanks to offers starting from £229 per month.

1. Volkswagen Golf
2. Audi A4
3. Audi Q5
4. Volvo XC40
5. Volkswagen Tiguan
6. Range Rover Evoque
7. BMW 3 Series
8. Nissan Qashqai
9. Mercedes A-Class
10. Audi A5

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