Most popular lease searches – December 2018

The most popular lease search - Volkswagen Golf

Top 10 most popular new car lease searches by brand on

The first six brands here clearly have a firm grip on their share; their places are identical to last month and all attract substantial impressions. The next four places changed in December, with Mini and Nissan dropping out in favour of Seat and Jaguar.

1.  Volkswagen
2.  Audi
3.  BMW
4.  Land Rover
5.  Volvo
6.  Mercedes-Benz
7.  Seat
8.  Skoda
9.  Ford
10.  Jaguar

Top 10 most popular new car lease searches by model on

Volkswagen scores the top two places here, while the wider VW Group takes four. Mid-market SUVs also account for four, but family hatchbacks demonstrate their continued appeal with six. Only one premium model, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, appears.

1.  Volkswagen Golf
2.  Volkswagen Tiguan
3.  Skoda Octavia
4.  Nissan Qashqai
5.  Kia Sportage
6.  Audi A3 Sportback
7.  Ford Focus
8.  Mercedes-Benz A-Class
9.  Mazda CX-5
10.  Vauxhall Astra

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