Most popular news – October 2018

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The fast-rising interest in electrified vehicles is very evident in the most popular news and features on in October. As has been the case for some time, the best and worst hybrids guide is most popular, but new at number four is the guide to the best electric cars coming soon and in fifth our guide to the best and worst electric cars on sale today.

Also notable is the prominence of a feature of Ford’s Ecoboost engine recall (these units appear in hundreds of thousands of cars on UK roads) and the star cars from the 2018 Paris motor show, despite the absence of several key brands from the annual event.

The latest edition of What Car?’s annual Reliability Survey, which is compiled using readers’ experiences, also scores highly. This reveals the best and worst cars in each sector, as well as ranking manufacturers for reliability.

1.  Best and worst new hybrids
2.  New cars coming soon
3.  Best and worst small cars
4.  Best electric cars coming soon
5.  Best and worst electric cars
6.  What Car? Reliability Survey 2018
7.  Best and worst small SUVs
8.  Ford Ecoboost recall: what you need to know
9.  Paris motor show star cars
10.  The 10 most popular cars in the UK right now

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