Most popular reviews – September 2018

Audi Q8 Concept

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The appeal of What Car? as an information source for buyers shopping at widely varying price points has been underlined by the fact that Audi’s Q8 SUV, a high-end car whose price starts at £65,040, is this month’s fourth most-read new car review.

By contrast, the top three positions are occupied by the more affordable Skoda Karoq (from £21,255), Volkswagen T-Roc (from £18,955) and Seat Ateca (from £18,675).

Part of the reason for the Q8’s showing is the highly detailed review What Car? carried out on it. This is not an approach designed to generate more traffic so much as a thorough review of the car that, our analytics indicate, is read from start to finish by the majority of readers who begin it.

1.  Skoda Karoq

2.  Volkswagen T-Roc

3.  Seat Ateca

4.  Audi Q8

5.  Ford Focus

6.  Seat Arona

7.  Nissan Qashqai

8.  Volvo XC40

9.  Mazda CX-5

10.  Toyota C-HR

11.  Audi Q3

12.  Suzuki Vitara

13.  Audi Q2

14.  Nissan Leaf

15.  Volkswagen Tiguan

16.  Peugeot 3008

17.  Kia Sportage

18.  Vauxhaull Crossland X

19.  Peugeot 5008

20.  Mercedes-Benz GLC

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