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The popularity of our used reviews has held steady this month, in terms of both year-on-year figures and month-on-month views, the former being a good result if you consider how strong the previous year’s figures were.

Meanwhile, used car prices continue to rise, with reports of increases of as much as 25% over the course of this year for the more popular models. This follows on from the hold-ups in new car deliveries that were caused by the ongoing global chip crisis, and the increased demand for (and subsequent reduction in) used car stock. As a result, we have been busy revising up many of the prices outlined in our used reviews.

There’s been plenty of change in this month’s top 20 most-viewed used reviews. After two months away from the top spot, the first-generation Range Rover Evoque climbs back onto the perch that it occupied earlier this year for seven months in a row. It takes the place of last month’s number one, the previous-generation BMW 1 Series, which drops to number two.

The present-generation Jaguar XF and the current Vauxhall Insignia have made large movements up the top 20, and new entries into the chart include the popular BMW X1 family SUV, the neat Peugeot 208 small car and the capacious Volvo XC90 luxury SUV. All of these have had their used reviews updated recently and have been freshly promoted via our social media channels.

1. Range Rover Evoque  /  2011-2019
2. BMW 1 Series  /  2011-2019
3. Jaguar XF – 2015-present
4. Volkswagen Polo  / 2009-2017
5. Nissan Juke 2010-2019
6. Nissan Qashqai  /  2007-2013
7. BMW 3 Series  /  2012-2019
8.  Ford Fiesta – 2008-2017
9.  Vauxhall Insignia2016-present
10. Audi A3  /  2013-2020
11. Mercedes C-Class  /  2014-present
12. Ford Kuga 2013-2020
13. BMW X1 – 2015-present
14.  Volvo V40  /  2012-2019
15. Ford Focus  /  2011-2018
16.  Peugeot 208 – 2019-present
17.  Skoda Yeti – 2007-2015
18.  Renault Captur  /  2013-2019
19.  Land Rover Freelander – 2007-2014
20.  Volvo XC90 – 2015-present

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