Most popular used reviews – December 2020

Top 20 most popular used car reviews on

BMW cars occupy the top three used review slots this month, with the first-generation 1 Series taking over from the 3 Series at number one and the X5 large SUV jumping up from 12th place to third place. All of these used reviews have been recently updated and freshly promoted via social media and on our newsletters.

Both the Audi A3 and Volvo V40 reviews continue to be popular premium family car choices with our readers, but this month the 2013-2020 A3 nudges the V40 into fifth place after a recent update and new promotion. It’s not all bad news for the Swedish brand, though, because a refreshed review for the first-generation XC60 jumps from eight to sixth and displaces the Range Rover Evoque.

Also benefitting from a recent review update after a raft of recent 2020 model upgrades, the Land Rover Discovery Sport enters the top 20 at number nine. Likewise, the Volkswagen Tiguan review is also a new entry in the chart this month, and this comes hot on the heels of a recent refresh. Both of these models attracted interest as readers considered the option that, with newer versions out, they could now get a better deal on a pre-facelift, nearly new example.

1. BMW 1 Series  /  2011-2019
2. BMW 3 Series  /  2012-2019
3. BMW X5  /  2013-2018
4. Audi A3  /  2013-2020
5. Volvo V40  /  2012-2019
6. Volvo XC60 2008-2017
7. Range Rover Evoque  /  2011-2019
8.  Ford Kuga 2013-2020
9.  Land Rover Discovery Sport  /  2014-present
10. Land Rover Freelander   /  2006-2014
11. Ford Focus  /  2011-2018
12. Skoda Yeti2009-2017
13. Volkswagen Tiguan  /  2016-present
14.  BMW X1  /  2015-present
15.  Ford Fiesta  /  2008-2017
16.  Nissan Juke  /  2010-2019
17.  Volkswagen Polo  / 2009-2017
18.  Porsche Cayenne  /  2010-2017
19.  Audi A1  /  2010-2018
20.  Skoda Superb  /  2015-present

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