Most popular used reviews – February 2021

Top 20 most popular used car reviews on

This month sees the Range Rover Evoque and BMW 3 Series swap places, with the SUV winning out and taking the overall top spot after growing in popularity thanks to the latest cold snap.

Elsewhere, the Porsche Cayenne (2010-2017), Mercedes C-Class (2007-2014), Nissan Qashqai (2013-pres), Volkswagen Golf (2013-2020) and Range Rover (2013-present) leave the top 20 to be replaced with the BMW X3, Seat Leon, first-generation Nissan Qashqai, Renault Clio, and the previous generation Honda CR-V. The latter was recently named as the most reliable older large SUV thanks to our latest Reliability Survey, and returns to the list after a review update and newsletter promotion.

Newsletter promotion also saw a huge spike in interest for the last generation BMW X5 that saw this luxury SUV slot into seventh place, where the Porsche Cayenne was last month. Other gains can be seen in the Volvo V40, which jumped from 10th to third place, overtaking the Audi A3 as the used premium family car that What Car? readers wanted to research more than any other.

Small SUVs are another growth area in the used car market, so it’s understandable that two of this sector’s pioneers, the Nissan Juke and Renault Captur, also moved up our rankings. Both jumped eight places over their respective positions last month, with the Juke going from 19th to 11th, and the Captur moving from 20th to 12th.

1. Range Rover Evoque  /  2011-2019
2. BMW 3 Series  /  2012-2019
3. Volvo V40  /  2012-2019
4. Ford Kuga  /  2013-2020
5. BMW 1 Series  /  2011-2019
6. Volvo XC60  /  2008-2017
7. BMW X5  /  2013-2018
8.  Audi A3  / 2013-2020
9.  Land Rover Freelander   /  2006-2014
10. Ford Focus  /  2011-2018
11. Nissan Juke / 2010-2019
12. Renault Captur  /  2013-2019
13. Skoda Yeti2009-2017
14.  Ford Fiesta  /  2008-2017
15.  Volkswagen Polo  / 2009-2017
16.  BMW X3 / 2010-2018
17.  Honda CR-V / 2012-2018
18.  Nissan Qashqai  /  2014-present
19.  Seat Leon  /  2013-2020
20.  Renault Clio / 2013-2019

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