Most popular used reviews – March 2021

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A recent update of our used review for the first generation Nissan Juke saw it leap up to from 11th place to take second position on our list of most-read used car reviews. The Juke has always been an immensely popular car in our charts and older models are now really affordable, too, adding to its appeal. This used review was also subsequently promoted via social media and also benefited from an update to the review for the second-generation Juke, which linked to this original review and therefore gained it even more views.

The Juke’s success also reflects the growing appeal of small and family SUVs, many of which, including the Renault Captur, Ford Kuga and Skoda Yeti, have joined old favourites like the Nissan Qashqai and the Volvo XC60 in our top 20 over the past few months.

Despite this success, the Juke couldn’t shake off another hugely popular SUV from the top spot, the Range Rover Evoque, the first-generation version of which is a regular at or near the top of our chart and indeed has now been our most popular used review for two months on the trot, having been updated and promoted at the beginning of this year. The BMW 3 Series executive saloon, also a serial winner in our lists and often our number one, drops to third to make way for the Juke.

Elsewhere, the top 20 has changed little this month. February is usually a quieter month on the whole and this was reflected in our traffic. One of the few newcomers was the latest Vauxhall Insignia, which now offers a lot of car for the money used and entered the top 20 after an update to its review.

1. Range Rover Evoque  /  2011-2019
2. Nissan Juke  /  2010-2019
3. BMW 3 Series  /  2012-2019
4. Volvo V40  /  2012-2019
5. Audi A3  /  2013-2020
6. BMW 1 Series  /  2011-2019
7. Volvo XC60 2008-2017
8.  BMW X5  /  2013-2018
9.  Jaguar XF  /  2015-present
10.  Ford Kuga 2013-2020
11.  Vauxhall Insignia  /  2017-present
12.  Ford Focus  /  2011-2018
13. Volkswagen Golf  /  2014-2020
14.  Renault Captur  /  2013-2019
15.  Skoda Yeti2009-2017
16.  Ford Fiesta  /  2008-2017
17.  Volkswagen Polo  / 2009-2017
18.  Porsche Cayenne  /  2010-2017
19.  Mercedes C-Class  /  2014-present
20.  Nissan Qashqai  /  2007-2013

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