Most popular used reviews – September 2021

Top 20 most popular used car reviews on

This month saw some healthier figures for the used reviews traffic on our website, despite it being the holiday season, with nearly 1.5 million pageviews in total. The continuing shortage in the supply of new cars could be just one of the reasons that interest in used cars is still booming. Another is that people were busy researching their next car ahead of the September plate change, and this also had a knock-on effect in interest for nearly new and used cars.

Echoing this uptick in interest, there’s been plenty of movement in our top 20 most-viewed used car reviews. After a spectacular reign of seven months in the top slot, the Range Rover Evoque drops down to 11th position, making way for the ever-popular BMW 1 Series, a regular in the top three, to grab the top spot. This comes off the back of a recently updated and promoted review for that car, and the same holds true for the Nissan Qashqai, Audi A3 and Volkswagen Polo which all move up this month and take the next slots at the top of our chart. Perennial favourites like the Volvo V40 and Land Rover Freelander have had a good month, too, climbing up the chart while the previous-gen Seat Leon and Honda CR-V enter the top 20 after recent tweaks and subsequent promotion of their online reviews.

1.  BMW 1 Series  /  2011-2019
2.  Nissan Qashqai  /  2007-2013
3. Audi A3  /  2013-2020
4. Volkswagen Polo  / 2009-2017
5.  Ford Fiesta  /  2008-2017
6.  Volkswagen Golf  /  2013-2019
7.  Ford Kuga 2013-2020
8.  Volvo V40  /  2012-2019
9.  Ford Focus  /  2011-2018
10.  Renault Captur  /  2013-2019
11.  Range Rover Evoque  /  2011-2019
12.  Nissan Juke 2010-2019
13.  Volvo XC60  /  2008-2017
14.  Land Rover Freelander  2006-2014
15.  BMW 3 Series  /  2012-2019
16.  Hyundai Tucson2015-2020
17.  Vauxhall Insignia2016-present
18.  Mercedes C-Class  /  2014-present
19.  Seat Leon  /  2013-2020
20.  Honda CR-V  /  2012-2018

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