Most popular videos on What Car’s YouTube channel April 2021

Top 10 most popular videos on What Car’s YouTube channel

With so much focus on SUVs and electric cars, it is a little surprising to see that the reveal of the Peugeot 308 has gripped our audience as much as it has.

After all, a family car with petrol and diesel engines doesn’t seem particularly en vogue at the moment. So why the interest? Well, Peugeot has been making a habit of designing very interesting-looking cars in recent years, and this seems to have helped them increase their following online. Lots of our videos on their products attract plenty of action in the comments section with people’s views on the design – and having an active comments section gives a video better chance of being promoted on YouTube.

Plus, the new 308 will be available as a plug-in hybrid and, eventually, a fully electric car, so that angle of interest is covered, too.

And of course, while the clicks may flow for content about SUVs and electric cars, they are both massively outsold by conventional family cars. So, perhaps, the 308 getting this much interest shouldn’t be such a surprise.

Elsewhere, our annual Best Plug-In Hybrids video has done well and will hopefully continue to accrue views throughout the year, much like the Best Electric Cars video from earlier this year which still features in this month’s top 10. The rest of our most popular reviews are a mix of our new regular content, like in-depth reviews of the Jaguar I-Pace and Seat Ateca, as well as older videos which are still raking in views – like the Tesla Model S review which is nine months old but still hugely popular.

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