Most popular videos on What Car’s YouTube channel – December 2020

Top 10 most popular videos on What Car’s YouTube channel

We were one of the first outlets to be given the facelifted Tesla Model 3. Knowing the popularity of all Tesla content, we made sure to film a review and turn it around quickly so that we were the first on YouTube to have a review of this updated car. In succeeding, the video was easily the most successful of the month, and looks set to become one of the best of the year. This shows, yet again, how much of a following Tesla has, and how worth it is always is to make sure we can turn around a video review of a new product when we have such an exclusive opportunity.

But for those who think that electric cars are the only way to draw in views on YouTube, just look at number two on our list of most popular videos this month. The Volkswagen Tiguan does have a plug-in hybrid version (which wasn’t in our review), but in all other regards it is a pretty ‘standard’ family SUV. And yet it, just like all our previous Tiguan reviews, has been very popular. Perhaps, though, this isn’t such a surprise, given the Tiguan is Volkswagen’s most popular car in the world. So clearly, it’s an example of when big sales translates to big views.

1.  Tesla Model 3 facelift review
2.  VW Tiguan review
3.  BMW iX3 review
4.  Renault Zoe vs Peugeot e-208
5.  Skoda Octavia Estate vs Toyota Corolla Touring Sports
6.  BMW X5 v Volvo XC90: PHEV twin test
7. Tesla Model 3 review
8.  Land Rover Defender review
9.  Volvo XC40 Recharge P8 review
10.  Best Electric Cars 2020

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