Most popular videos on What Car’s YouTube channel – May 2020

Top 10 most popular videos on What Car’s YouTube channel

Despite the fact that we haven’t been able to shoot any new footage due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve still been producing great video content. In the past month, we’ve put out a number of videos that were shot before the lockdown began, and unsurprisingly, all have made the top 10.

The Audi A3 Sportback was the biggest success of those and shows that despite previous months being dominated by electric car content, more conventional cars are still a big draw for viewers.

We also introduced more voiceover videos that our team could create remotely, and they all did well – especially the one on car advice during the pandemic.

The other trend is that older, more feature-style videos are gaining a lot of views. Our best 4x4s mega-test and luxury limo face-off have both had a spike in interest, suggesting viewers are searching for light-hearted content.

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