Most popular videos on What Car’s YouTube channel

Top 10 most popular videos on What Car’s YouTube channel

Our Car of the Year Awards offered a big boost for the channel in the past month. The Dacia Sandero was the overall winner, and our in-depth video review of it has been a big hit already. This has tended to be the case in previous years as well. Often, our winner is a very new car and we are able to offer more in-depth information and impressions than any other rival channels who may have also driven the car because we will have had a longer time with it.

As the Car of the Year Awards were purely online this year, this meant there was even more attention and focus on our YouTube channel. Indeed, we filmed a special ‘reveal’ video specifically for the event to help create a sense of occasion for the awards, because they weren’t happening physically as they usually do. It was, therefore, encouraging to see that Car of the Year reveal video achieve good numbers. We opted to ‘premiere’ this video on our channel – encouraging subscribers to all watch the video together at the same time as if it was live – and had a good level of interaction with it.

Making up the rest of the top 10 are more award winners – like the Tesla Model 3, BMW 4 Series and Kia Sorento.

1.  Dacia Sandero review
2.  Tesla Model 3 facelift review
3.  BMW 4 Series review
4.  Kia Sorento review
5.  Ford Mustang Mach-E review
6.  Car of the Year reveal
7. Range Rover Evoque vs Volvo XC40
8.  BMW iX3 review
9.  BMW X5 v Volvo XC90: PHEV twin test
10.  Best 4x4s

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