New Car Buying Marketplace Insights – April

New Car Buying: cars generating the most leads from buyers at

Discounts in the small car market tend to be slim, so the fact that Target Prices on the Volkswagen Polo currently net buyers a saving of up to £1532 contributed to that car topping this month’s list.

Elsewhere, both the Seat Arona and Skoda Kamiq small SUVs enjoyed meteoric rises, with the Arona jumping from 17th to ninth position and the Kamiq moving from ninth to third. Both cars are available with some of the largest discounts in this category, with Target Price savings of up to £2461 and £2425 respectively.

This month’s list suggests that despite the trend towards SUVs among our review traffic, the cars buyers are actually putting their money down on are more eclectic; they include smaller hatchbacks and, interestingly, nothing larger than a family SUV.

1.  Volkswagen Polo
2.  Volvo XC40
3.  Skoda Kamiq
4.  Ford Puma
5.  Range Rover Evoque
6.  Skoda Karoq
7.  Mercedes-Benz A-Class
8.  Volkswagen T-Cross
9.   Seat Arona
10. Volkswagen T-Roc
11.  Hyundai i10
12.  Nissan Juke
13.  Seat Ateca
14.  Audi Q5
15.  Skoda Fabia
16.  Kia e-Niro
17.  Ford Fiesta
18.  Audi A1
19.  Audi Q2
20.  Nissan Qashqai

New Car Buying: brands generating the most leads from buyers at

Brands from within the Volkswagen Group locked down the top three spots this month and all but one of the top five.That’s hardly surprising,since together Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda offer some of the most consistently generous Target Price discounts across our New Car Buying platform. Elsewhere, Kia slipped three places, not helped by news that buyers are waiting for up to six months to take delivery of some cars after placing orders.

1.  Volkswagen
2.  Skoda
3.  Audi
4.  BMW
5.  Seat 
6.  Ford
7.  Volvo
8.  Mercedes-Benz 
9.  Hyundai
10.  Land Rover
11.  Kia
12.  Nissan
13.  Toyota
14. Renault
15. Peugeot
16.  Mazda
17.  Jaguar
18.  Honda
19.  Vauxhall 
20.  Citroën

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