New Car Buying Marketplace Insights – March

New Car Buying: cars generating the most leads from buyers at

mong the many new additions to this month’s list are a glut of small SUVs, including the Skoda Kamiq, Nissan Juke and the Ford Puma. The latter’s appearance isn’t unexpected, given its status as our 2020 Car of the Year and the fact that buyers can save upwards of £1000 on one of the UK’s newest models.

This influx of competition meant that other small SUVs such as the Seat Arona suffered; indeed, the Arona fell 13 places compared with last month, despite buyers being able to save up to £2591. There was still no toppling the Volvo XC40 family SUV at the top of our list, though; it generated 63% more leads than the second-place Volkswagen Polo.

1.  Volvo XC40
2.  Volkswagen Polo
3.  Ford Puma
4.  Skoda Karoq
5.  Range Rover Evoque
6.  Mercedes-Benz E-Class
7.  Volkswagen T-Roc
8.  Nissan Juke
9.  Skoda Kamiq
10.  Seat Ibiza
11.  Kia e-Niro
12.  BMW 3 Series
13.  Seat Ateca
14.  Audi Q5
15.  Skoda Fabia
16.  Volkswagen Golf
17. Seat Arona
18.  BMW 1 Series
19.  Nissan Qashqai
20.  Volkswagen Tiguan

New Car Buying: brands generating the most leads from buyers at

Recent discounts from BMW are clearly tempting buyers, because the brand climbs six places in this month’s list to sit just inside the top three. With deals including more than £3800 off the 5 Series Touring and close to £3000 off the X3 family SUV, it’s easy to see why buyers are looking so closely at the German marque. Meanwhile, Ford rises six places this month, buoyed by its Car of the Year victory.

1.  Volkswagen
2.  Skoda
3.  BMW
4.  Audi
5.  Volvo
6.  Seat 
7.  Ford
8.  Kia
9.  Mercedes-Benz 
10. Nissan
11.  Hyundai
12.  Land Rover
13.  Toyota
14.  Mazda
15.  Renault
16.  Mini
17.  Jaguar
18.  Honda
19.  Peugeot
20.  Tesla

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