New Car Buying Marketplace Insights – November 2018

Seat Arona - New Car

Brands generating the most leads from buyers at

There’s not much change at the top of the chart of brands generating the most leads through What Car? New Car Buying. Indeed, the first four places go unchanged, although Mercedes-Benz has moved up to fifth from eighth in October.

The biggest shift, however, comes from Land Rover, which has jumped from 16th place to 10th, while Hyundai has dropped out of the top 10. The second half of the table shows more movement. Nissan has dropped from 11th to 18th, Suzuki has climbed from 18th to 12th and Peugeot has disappeared altogether, to be replaced by Mini.

1. Volkswagen
2.  Seat
3.  Audi
4.  Skoda
5.  Mercedes-Benz
6.  BMW
7.  Volvo
8.  Ford
9.  Kia
10.  Land Rover
11.  Hyundai
12.  Suzuki
13.  Mazda
14.  Vauxhall
15.  Renault
16.  Jaguar
17.  Toyota
18.  Nissan
19.  Dacia
20.  Mini

Cars generating the most leads from buyers at

In terms of models, the dominance of Seat as a lead generator is very evident, with the Arona, Ateca and Ibiza taking the first, second and fifth slots. Despite this, it’s parent brand Volkswagen that generates the most leads, mainly thanks to its Golf, T-Roc, Polo and Tiguan models.

These leads are generated by the more than 300 dealers, representing a wide variety of brands, that are now participating. It’s notable that the bulk of leads are being generated by deals at or below What Car?’s suggested Target Price. The Target Price for a model is set by our team of mystery shoppers, who assume a fair price for both dealer and buyer. Manufacturer-specific reports on the leads being generated can be made available upon request.

1.  Seat Arona
2.  Seat Ateca
3.  Volkswagen Golf
4.  Skoda Karoq
5.  Seat Ibiza
6.  Ford Fiesta  /  Volkswagen T-Roc
8.  Mercedes-Benz A-Class
9.  Volkswagen Polo
10.  Volvo XC40 petrol range
11.  Volvo XC40 diesel range
12.  Renault Zoe
13.  Land Rover Discovery Sport diesel range
14.  Ford Focus
15.  Kia Picanto
16.  Audi Q5 diesel range
17.  Audi Q2
18.  Mazda CX-5
19.  Volkswagen Tiguan diesel range

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