Nissan Leaf Competitor Insight

Cross-shopping on

The advantages of winning our Car of the Year trophy don’t stop at the end of the year, as shown by the Kia e-Niro (our overall winner in 2019) gaining a quarter of buyer’s interest alongside the Nissan Leaf. Potential electric car buyers can’t completely stay away from petrol stations, though, because both the Volkswagen Golf and Hyundai Kona also appear high up on our list of rivals.

The Kona EV itself appears further down the list, where myriad EVs from both ends of the price spectrum, including the MG ZS EV and Jaguar I-Pace, hold court. Buyers rarely shop in set classes, so it’s little surprise to see both smaller and larger electric models being considered, but the fact that the I-Pace is more than £34,000 more expensive than the leaf accounts partly for its low position here.