Honda Jazz Competitor Insight – May 2021

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It’s rare that our competitor lists for a given model don’t include another car from the same manufacturer, but no other Honda is considered among prospective Jazz buyers, even if we expand out our reach to cover the top 15 rivals. Instead, it is Toyota, Ford and Skoda who put in the strongest challenges, with each manufacturer having two of its models represented. And of those, it’s the Toyota Yaris and Corolla hatchbacks which top our table – it should be no surprise, too, that, like the Jazz, both of those care are available as hybrids.

Elsewhere, while most of the Jazz’s prospective rivals come from within the small car class, the Ford Puma and Skoda Kamiq are instead small SUVs, showing that buyers who have their minds set on something small might still be lured by a more upright, SUV stance. Both the Puma and the Kamiq are among the most spacious cars of their kind, too, which aligns well with the Jazz’s similarly practicality-focussed ethos.

1. Toyota Yaris – 6.02%
2. Toyota Corolla – 4.69%
3. Volkswagen Polo – 3.92%
4. Peugeot 208 – 3.43%
5. Hyundai i20 – 3.10%
6. Ford Fiesta – 2.72%
7. Ford Puma – 2.61%
8. Skoda Fabia – 2.30%
9. Skoda Kamiq – 2.20%
10. Dacia Sandero – 2.16%

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