Most Popular Features – July 2019

Most Popular Features

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The fact that What Car? is an occasional source of pure entertainment is evident in the story about the rarest versions of once-common cars today plying British roads and how risky or wise buys they can be. This was the second most-read story during June, while our countdown of the best hybrids extended its long period at the top.

Another evidently useful article was the guide to every type of speed camera used in the UK, there now being many varieties. Reliability is another regular preoccupation of motorists, as might well be expected, with two features on the subject making the top 10.

Meanwhile, plenty of people flicked through a gallery of the leaders in each class, with some of our award-winners having been beaten since their coronation in January.

1.  Best hybrids and the ones to avoid
2.  Unicorns: the rarest cars you can buy
3.  Best SUV deals
4.  Every type of speed camera in the UK
5.  What Car Reliability Survey 2018
6.  Britain’s best cars: 2019 mid-year update
7.  Best small cars and the ones to avoid
8.  Best small SUVs and the ones to avoid
9.  Best used 4x4s and the ones to avoid
10.  Best and worst brands for reliability

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