Most Popular Features – June 2019

Most Popular Features

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As you might expect, most What Car? readers are researching their next purchase, but there’s also a decent-sized constituency interested in prolonging the life of their existing car, evidenced by our ‘40 tips to make your car last forever’ article being the most-read in May.

Another unusual feature that struck a chord this month was a reveal-all interview with a traffic police officer. Environmentally friendly cars continue to thrive online, with our guide to the best hybrids still strong, advice on the best and worst electric cars placing sixth and a list of electric cars’ real-world ranges ranking ninth.

1.  40 ways to make your car last forever
2.  Best hybrids and the ones to avoid
3.  What Car 2018 reliability survey
4.  Confessions of a traffic cop
5.  Best used 4x4s and the ones to avoid
6.  Best and worst electric cars
7.  Best new small cars
8.  Best used small cars and the ones to avoid
9.  The real-world ranges of electric cars
10. Best and worst large SUVs

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