Most Popular First Drives – March 2019

Most Popular First Drives - Honda CR-V Hybrid

Top 10 most popular new car first drives on

The top 10 most popular first drives in February were an unusual selection, in that half the cars were hatchbacks and estates. These days, SUVs tend to dominate, but there was only four present this time. The new plug-in hybrid version of the BMW 7 Series luxury saloon was also a deviation from the trend. Nevertheless, an SUV tops the table, and it’s a hybrid to boot, in the shape of the Honda CR-V Hybrid. Its main rival, the new Toyota RAV4, took third.

The Ford Focus appeared twice, in conventional form and as the Active, this derivative gaining a raised ride height and wheel arch extensions. Toyota also makes two appearances, with the RAV4 and the new Corolla Touring Sports estate.

1.  Honda CR-V Hybrid
2.  Mazda 3
3.  Toyota RAV4
4.  Ford Focus Active
5.  Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost 100
6.  Audi Q5 Vorsprung
7.  Land Rover Discovery Sport Landmark Edition
8.  Kia Proceed
9.  BMW 7 Series 745e
10.  Toyota Corolla Touring Sports

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